Voice of Fort Myers Beach welcomes development that is in accordance with the town's comprehensive plan. The Times Square Resorts project is requesting a deviation from the plan that would permit them to build a substantial amount more. Density does matter, especially at the entrance of Fort Myers Beach where a bottleneck of traffic already occurs.

The areas of greatest concern with overdevelopment include:

  • Traffic
  • Parking
  • Staffing
  • Utilities

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VOICE of fmb

Voice of Fort Myers Beach, organized by a group of concerned Fort Myers Beach stakeholders, believes in responsible development that preserves the integrity of the island and the Town Comp Plan. The Comp Plan was created to prevent overdevelopment on the island that can negatively impact its infrastructure- traffic, parking, utilities and more.

Voice of Fort Myers Beach is not against TPI Hospitality or Tom Torgerson personally but is strongly opposed to ANY development that doesn't comply with the density allowed in the Comp Plan.

The purpose of this website is to serve as a valuable resource tool for those individuals who believe developers should follow the Town's Comp Plan. Due to the negative actions of a select few, the Voice of FMB Facebook page is reserved solely for those individuals who are opposed to overdevelopment and want to protect the island and its Comp Plan. Your voice does matter. We encourage you to continue to Voice "NO" to OVERdevelopment.

Be informed. Click here to read the Town's Comp Plan.


  • TPI Hospitality is using a 12x multiplier to calculate the number of hotel rooms. The Comp Plan clearly states that the maximum, not to exceed multiplier is 3x.  This is four times what is allowed.
  • According to the Comp Plan total density permitted is 148 units/hotel rooms, not the 290 TPI is asking for. This is based on the following density per parcel: 2.99 acres Plaza Site - 55 units total; 1.51 acre Beach Club site - 27 units total; and Pierview site - 66 units total. 
  • At the February LPA Meeting, LPA members had credible concerns on the Legality of tinkering with the Hotel multiplier over the Comp Plan limits, granting 50% increases in the number of habitable floors, increasing heights by 33% and not challenging the true parking realities of a destination resort. 
  • In past, Town Council has strictly adhered to the Town's Comp plan, only granting deviations that were in the best interest of the island, and never exceeded the 3x multiplier to determine room count.
  • The public beach club outdoor water park could be beautiful but lacks sufficient parking for the estimated 950 capacity crowd. 
  • With the Plaza site, the TPI proposal chooses not to do ground floor retail, increases the number of living floors by 50%, allowable height (two to three) by 33% (30 to 40 feet above flood) and a density of 87 per acre on this 2.99-acre site. The plan has zero open space and pedestrians on all streets will be strolling by a parking garage wall/trellis with no ground floor uses. 

TPI Hospitality filed its first official application for version 3 of its development plan called Times Square Resorts on Thursday, March 30, 2017.Although somewhat scaled down from original plans, its well over what the land development plan (LDC) allows.  

As much as we would all like to see new development break ground, it's vital that TPI Hospitality adjust its density and intensity of the project to comply with the existing Comprehensive Plan. If TPI Hospitality is granted the 12x multiplier and insufficient parking the floodgates would open to allow all other developers and existing resort owners the opportunity to increase density as well.

To read more about the TPI Hospitality Times Square Resort, click here to read the News-Press article.






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