Our goal is to provide up-to-date information and documentation on the proposed Times Square Resort development such as media coverage, project renderings, and studies on this website and on our Facebook page in order to keep you informed. 

 SIZE MATTERS on Fort Myers Beach

  • Voice "YES" for Development.
  • Voice "NO" for OVERdevelopment.


Our purpose is to provide residents, business owners and tourists who live, work, and play on Fort Myers Beach with a platform to speak out against OVERdevelopment on Fort Myers Beach that does not follow the Town's Comp Plan. The island has a great deal at stake. TPI Hospitality's proposed plan does not provide sufficient parking and is four times the size allowed. We encourage you to Voice "NO" to OVERdevelopment.


Your voice makes a difference. Join residents, business owners and tourists on Monday, April 9, at 9 AM for the Town Council meeting. If Town Council approves TPI Hospitality's proposed plan "as is" it will be the first time in the Comp Plan's history that any developer will be allowed to build above the maximum, not to exceed, 3x multiplier at a whopping 12x multiplier.  Say NO to SUPERsize development with insufficient parking.  Click here to see the Town's full calendar.


taking responsibility for the preservation and development of fort myers beach